1. Intro 01:12
  2. What We Do 03:04
  3. Paper Proclamation feat. Mayer Hawthorne 03:57
  4. Feel It 02:30
  5. Piano Joint 03:15
  6. Jammin 03:55
  7. Macrowave 03:43
  8. Slow Jam 03:01
  9. Kater feat. Dexter 03:18
  10. Pagne 03:22
  11. Bird Outro 03:48

releases May 27, 2016

Produced by Suff Daddy at the Grubby Dump, Berlin
Mastered by Christian Schellmann at Equinox Sudios
Artwork by Robert Winter
Logodesign by Van Lagerstein
Neonsign by
Manufactured by GrooveAttack

Supported by Initiative Musik GGmbH with Project Funds from the federal Government commissioner for culture and media.

Bandcamp for MP3


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